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Idyllic beaches

  • Elafonisi


    Elafonisi is located on the southwest part of Crete just 76 km from the city of Chania. It is regarded as a miracle of nature, with unique morphology. It is an unspoilt area which is included in the protected areas Natura as it is filled with dunes, sand lilies and cedars. Furthermore the endangered turtles CaretaCareta and many other species are nesting on the beach. If somebody walks on the beach and enjoy a swim feels like he is in a dreamy heavenly place.
    (GPS: 35.272471, 23.543480 )

  • Balos and Gramvousa

    Balos and Gramvousa

    Gramvousa is a small island on which stands an impregnable fortified castle of the 16th century and Balos is a unique natural creation consisting of a lagoon with crystal clear waters and red sand. The environment is of unique beauty and consists of rough cliffs and slopes, vast blue sea and hidden beaches to explore. Another element that contributes to the uniqueness of the landscape is the long history of the region: monasteries, churches and the imposing castle of the island of Gramvousa. The natural beauty of Balos is completed with the diversity and rarity of plants and animals, some of which are unique in the world. Visitors can visit Balos and Gramvousa by a boat which departs from the port of Kastelli ( trips subject to season and weather). 
    (GPS: 35.585837, 23.598994 - by car)
    (GPS: 35.514521, 23.635478 - by boot)

  • Falasarna


    The beach of Falasarma is located on the west coast of Crete, just 59 km from the city of Chania. The endless beach is magical, with crystal clear waters, gold sand and hidden bays. It has been awarded as the most beautiful beach of Crete and is included in the top-10 best beaches in Europe. The whole area has been included in the project Natura 2000, because of the variety of flora and fauna in the area but also because of its unique beauty. It is also worth to enjoy the sunset with the sun literally dipping into the peaceful sea.
    (GPS: 35.489777, 23.580146 )

  • Fragokastelo


    Fragokastelo is 70 km away from the city of Chania. It is built on the edge of a lowland area and is known for the famous Venetian castle, the beautiful beach cooled by the water of the Libyan Sea and the golden sands beside the castle. Fragokastelo is known for a unique natural phenomenon often observed in the morning hours in late May. The legendary shadows soldiers called "Drosoulites" begin their journey from the east and moving westward. So it is worth visiting for its natural beauty but also for the mystirious and romantic scenery.
    (GPS: 35.182273, 24.234401 )

  • Paleochora


    Paleochora is located on the southwest coast of Crete, 70 km from the city of Chania. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays. It is a modern touristic center, while maintaining the charm and natural beauty. In nearby distances can be found scattered bays with cool blue waters. Paleochora borders with the Libyan Sea and so is regarded as the "Libyan Bride".
    (GPS: 35.230921, 23.679889 )

  • “Seitan Limania”

    “Seitan Limania”

    The “Seitan Limaniabeach is located 22 km northeast of Chania and 2 km east from Chordaki village, in the east side of Akrotiri. The name of the area (Seitan=Satan in Tourkish) means cursed and comes from the dangerous waves in the surround area. The beach is protected from the big and dangerous waves because it is surrounded by high rock mountains and the water is crystal.
    (GPS: 35.551368, 24.192257 )

  • Preveli beach

    Preveli beach

    Preveli beach is near Preveli Monastery, 35km south of Rethymno and 10km east of Plakias. The beach of Preveli also known as Lake Prevelis is located at the exit of the imposing Kourtaliotiko gorge where passes the Great River. There was the famous palm grove of Crete which unfortunately burned down in 2010. The beach of Preveli is a natural creation as the combination of sea, steep canyon and river with lush vegetation, including palm trees, are gorgeous.
    (GPS: 35.153873, 24.469904 )

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