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Orpheas Resort - Adults Only Hotel in Georgioupolis Chania Crete

Orpheas, the famous poet and musician from the greek mythology who not only enchanted man and wild beasts, but made the trees and rocks move from their places to follow the magic sound of his music... he might have been here as well...

Quoting the local traditions, obliged to the venetian architectural style, Orpheas Resort stands out from the touristic sameness.

Right on one of the most beautiful spots of Crete, on the gorgeous, long sandy beach of Georgioupolis, at the foot of the impressive White Mountains, in close distance to both the most attractive towns of the island, Chania and Rethymnon, and to the idyllic lake of Kournas.

Right in the green west of this unique island, lies the Orpheas Resort.

In this charming, friendly and lovingly created hotel you can find peace of mind, revel in the summerly beach life, go for wonderful excursions and enjoy the cretan hospitality day by day.

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